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Robotmatter & CMU Robotics Academy
BEST Resource Page

BEST Competiton LogoFor questions relating to the BEST competition, please post at the BEST Forums
Below you will find a description of the BEST Competition
and resources that the Robotics Academy has available for FREE!


Cortex Startup Guide

This document is a guide for downloading and running programs on the VEX Cortex using ROBOTC for Cortex.




Curriculum Resources

VEX Curriculum 2.0 Screenshot

The VEX curriculum is a one stop shop for students that want to learn how to get the most out of their VEX hardware and software. 
 Click here to view the VEX Curriculum 2.0

 To learn how radio signals are sent, how much current that your robot will draw, how much weight will a motor lift, or the relationship between gears, speed, and torque go here:
Lessons > Electronics, Programming, and Hardware
To learn the logic behind how to program your robot, how your VEX sensors work, and how to program in ROBOTC go here:
Programming: Make your robot intelligent
To learn how to use a multi-meter, how to solder, how to crimp, how to fasten parts to your robot, or how to tap a hole go here:
Resources: Extended Learning

Teaching ROBOTC for IFI VEX Robots

Teaching ROBOTC for VEX

This set of lessons assumes that you are a new programmer that is just beginning to use ROBOTC and VEX hardware.  Move step-by-step through these lessons learning about fundamental programming logic, how to control your robot’s movement using code, how to program your robots radio and how sensors work. Invest a little bit of time with these units and you will be programming your robot to do all kinds of cool things.

 Click here to view Teaching ROBOTC for IFI VEX

 ROBOTC for Cortex

CORTEX Video Trainer

This set of lessons is currently under development and should be complete by the end of October.  This will get you started.

Click here to view the Cortex Video Trainer

ROBOTC support

If you are having issues with the PIC or Cortex microcontrollers and using ROBOTC please check here: ROBOTC Support for VEX

ROBOTC forum support

There are over 1,700 people that have subscribed to the ROBOTC forum and many of them are very willing to help you to track down your programming problems.
Competitions using VEX CORTEX Forums at the Forums
 You can take a look at all of the forums: Forums